Posted by David Haarsager on Wed, May 09, 2012 @ 07:37 PM

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Sassy was not the family pet. She was family. In fact, I considered Sassy my other daughter and my daughter Jennifer considered her her sister. When Jennifer would get ready for bed she would say “Sassy it’s time for bed” and Sassy would wander into the bedroom and go to bed with her. Then I would say goodnight girls; I love you, sweet dreams. Sometimes she would even watch TV with Jennifer – really watch it. Sassy was adorable, funny, demanding at times and very loving. Although, she was very picky about whom she would be loving and cuddly with. We feel very honored that Sassy chose our apartment to run into that day about 16 years ago. We love her so much and will miss her forever. She takes a piece of our heart with her. Be happy my pretty girl you’re not in pain anymore. Mommy and Jennifer.

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