Libby 3/27/1996 to 7/22/2012

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Libby was a much loved kitty.  She loved to sleep against the top of head this past year.  When she was little and my son had his civic, she could hear it a block away. The car was not noisy at all, it's just she knew the sound of the car.  She'd make a bee line for the door and patiently sit to meet him.  She loved getting her ears rubbed and if you didn't rub her ears long enough she'd take her paw and grab your hand and gently to let you know she wanted more. The past 3 or 4 months she would come over to the couch and meow, put her front paw up and meow again. I'd put my hand under her and lift her up,  She would then snuggle up and I would rub her ears ect. She spent her life indoors and her companion Oscar preceded her in death. 

When Libby was little she used to take paper money $5,00 and $10.00 bills and hide the money in her bed.  She loved to dig paper money out of your pocket as well.  She grew out that when she was about 1 1/2 years old.  She was a wonderful friend

She will be missed, hugs, Carol and Keith.


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NalaNala 1

Nala 2describe the image

Nala was a beautiful loyal dog who was loved dearly by her family. She loved to go camping with her family, play in the snow in the backyard with her sister Lola and watch movies with her family, just so she could sneak some candy from her mom. She was energetic, playful and sassy. Nala was a great mommy to her kitties and made sure everyone stayed in line. She is greatly missed by her family but will always remain in our hearts. We love you Nala, babygirl!


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Champ was the pride of the family and loved to play ball with the kids.  Not only did the family love him but the neighbors did as well. Grandma would sometimes feed him better than the family.  He is missed and loved by Simone, Khadija, Grandma, Reiko, Jason and every heart he touched.

May May

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describe the imageMay May 2

May May 3

May May 4

A short letter to May May:

May May, You were always strong, loving, kind and playful. The joy and love you brought to our family will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for everything you did for us, May May. We love you and will miss you on our camping trips every summer. Wish we could give you tummy rubs and you could take us for walks. Everytime we come home, we'll be missing your joyful bark and at night, we'll miss your nudging to go to bed. Our hearts are sad right now but we hope to find peace remembering the good times we shared.

Mommy, Daddy, Evan and Jared


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Rex loved to swim and fetch the ball.  He was such a handsome boy with a large wonderful heart.  His is loved and missed.

God Bless,

Rex, Lizzy, Billy, and Cindy


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Lucky RickerLucky Ricker 2

Sheryl, Bob, Kelsey, Daniel and David love and miss Lucky very much. He loved to lick his paws and shred toys until the squeakers would come out and then he would eat them. He is missed by every heart he touched


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Wade Family bbq 2012 051 (2) Tiger

Tiger loved to go to the beach and run.  He is missed and loved by Bobbi and Helen.


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Festus 3


Festus was a wonderful friend to Jen, Matt, Sherry and Tony.  He loved to play sock and he was a tummy whore. He is missed and loved by the whole family and every heart he touched.

 Festus also loved to go for walks-we affectionally called them pulls because once he was on his leash, he lead a great charge. He loved to cuddle with all of us. He loved to watch TV and was fascinated with the computer monitor. He was a high tech dog. He loved to take baths as he would chase the dirt down the drain and try to catch stuff in the water. He loved car rides and hanging his head out the window and he was a good "camping" dog - always prepared to protect our campsite. He always gave the squirrels a good run for their money in our back yard.