Posted by David Haarsager on Sun, Jul 01, 2012 @ 10:38 AM

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Festus 3


Festus was a wonderful friend to Jen, Matt, Sherry and Tony.  He loved to play sock and he was a tummy whore. He is missed and loved by the whole family and every heart he touched.

 Festus also loved to go for walks-we affectionally called them pulls because once he was on his leash, he lead a great charge. He loved to cuddle with all of us. He loved to watch TV and was fascinated with the computer monitor. He was a high tech dog. He loved to take baths as he would chase the dirt down the drain and try to catch stuff in the water. He loved car rides and hanging his head out the window and he was a good "camping" dog - always prepared to protect our campsite. He always gave the squirrels a good run for their money in our back yard.