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Nasu came to our lives in summer 2005 just barely 3 months old puppy. We had just moved to our new house in Redmond, and we needed to fly Nasu all the way from Ohio and pick her up in SeaTac.


It was love at first sight. When my wife and Nasu looked each other’s “eye to eye” first time (in the backseat of new VW Beetle with fly cage and wet diapers spent on long flight), they were both in tears immediately. There was immediate bond what was uncommonly strong, even for most pet owners.

Nasu become our kid instantly, and grew up as our family member, sister, hiking master, pet, clown and safeguard, all at once.


Nasu was born in D&M farm in Ohio for reputable kennel which explicitly grows AKC registered Chow Chows based on good and sound temperament, not for profit and hard cash only. That was visible through her whole life, she was very loving and mild tempered for a Chow and never had any problems with people or other pets.


She loved hiking trips and car drives, and in few winter storms what we experienced here together, she was “light in the dark” for us. She loved snow so much that she wanted to keep on playing in it, and her positive attitude and sheer joy of the situation made most of the people to forget there was any winter storm to begin with. When electricity and heat was off, she protected us with heat of her own body acting as a “blanket” through night.


She was perfect watchdog, there were never anybody coming too close to our house without her promptly reporting situation immediately, any time of the day.


She loved car drives, especially with convertible vehicles with top down and was very enthusiast co-pilot candidate for any trip, short or long, even for her great disappointment quite often in weather of Seattle Eastside many drivers prefer to keep their convertible tops closed during fall and winter.


Everything went fine, and she was best pet we have ever had, until one day she was diagnosed with cancer and big tumor in her belly. We kept on fighting it almost a year and we did not allow our spirits go down for anything.


However, ultimately inevitable was coming. In last days we hugged each other’s and swore (with Nasu’s signature handshake) that we will have Thanksgiving meal together one more time, whatever it will take.


Nasu was having turkey with us still on Thanksgiving meal as we had promised before, and slept away in following morning.


Rest in peace our beloved Daughter, we will love and miss You forever,


Mom and Papa


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EV was hit by a car on Saturday, November 17th. She died in David’s arms. For those of you that remember her, she was David’s first dog. She had 3 titles and numerous ribbons. She retrieved over 2500 birds to hand and swam across the mighty Columbia River to retrieve wounded birds on two occasions, swimming over a mile one way to get the bird.


EV helped raise our three children. She waited by the door every day to greet them as they came home from school, and was always ready to go swimming with them and would even pull them across the lake, using her tail as a tow. She could sense when they were sad, and would stand by their side and put her head in their laps. For many years she slept faithfully at Dylan’s side.


She survived two previous car accidents, a house fire, cesarean section without narcotics to give birth to 13 pups, five died. She had been blind and without hearing for most of the last two years but was amazingly smart to be able to adapt to her changed situation. Her hips had been displaced for the past 4 years.


We are thankful that we were blessed with 15 1/2 years of happiness that she provided, and the memories that will last forever. She is now free to once again chase ducks with ease.

She will be dearly missed!


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Peanut how I love you so much you were my loyal friend and companion always by my side.

Just me and my Peanut the best together united and I never thought you would leave so soon.  In the we hours of the morning Friday even when you pasted you were by my side.

The hurt is so bad the tears are endless, I miss you dear Peanut. I remember all the wonderful times we had.

I thank you for being a part fo my lifes memories. I will never forget you, I love you Peanut loads to express my feeling are hard to put down. You gave me such joy Peanut.