Posted by David Haarsager on Sun, Nov 18, 2012 @ 06:32 PM


EV was hit by a car on Saturday, November 17th. She died in David’s arms. For those of you that remember her, she was David’s first dog. She had 3 titles and numerous ribbons. She retrieved over 2500 birds to hand and swam across the mighty Columbia River to retrieve wounded birds on two occasions, swimming over a mile one way to get the bird.


EV helped raise our three children. She waited by the door every day to greet them as they came home from school, and was always ready to go swimming with them and would even pull them across the lake, using her tail as a tow. She could sense when they were sad, and would stand by their side and put her head in their laps. For many years she slept faithfully at Dylan’s side.


She survived two previous car accidents, a house fire, cesarean section without narcotics to give birth to 13 pups, five died. She had been blind and without hearing for most of the last two years but was amazingly smart to be able to adapt to her changed situation. Her hips had been displaced for the past 4 years.


We are thankful that we were blessed with 15 1/2 years of happiness that she provided, and the memories that will last forever. She is now free to once again chase ducks with ease.

She will be dearly missed!