Posted by David Haarsager on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 12:21 AM

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Who is Screamer and What does he like:

He loves a good armpit rub and would lay there all day if you never stopped. With both arms straight out in the air and a look of complete satisfaction on his little face.

He loves to attack my sonicare toothbrush as I'm trying to use it.

He loves to sleep in the bathroom sink.

He loves laying by the slider in the morning to sunbathe with the breeze blowing on him just a little and then catch the sunsetting in the front room for an afternoon nap.

He loves to sit with me to watch and listen to the Decorah eagles raise their eaglets.

He loves to nibble on your elbows and ankles (Only bony parts are good) to get you to move over so he can steal the warm spot from where you are sitting.

He loves to steal my pillow and side of the bed, but only if I'm in it of course. The king bed was to small for him :)

He loves to follow Jurgen around stalking him to let him know he is ready for his lunch or dinner or 25th snack. He wouldn't give up till he gets what he wants. There is no hiding from him.

He loves to snuggle with Misty and to sit on Jazz to get him to move over and share the heating pad.

He loves to partake in Jurgen's Texas conference calls (Just in case he is needed).

He loves to watch and chatter at the birds from the back deck.

He loves to push his face through the circle you make with your hand and round off the corners of the coffee table with his little face rubbing.

He loves to sit quietly on the night stand like it's his perch and stare at you till you give in to his wants.

He loves to comb and snuggle in my hair before bed only to fall asleep and leave me a big drool spot (happy drool).

He loves petro malt right out of the tube and never misses a drop.

He loves blueberry bagels and if you dare bring one to the house be prepared to be stalked and harassed till you run away or give into his demands.

He loves to sit on the bathroom scale and watch me get ready. Chirping at me if he thinks I forgot anything.

He loves to track kitty litter across an entire house and up 13 stairs down the hall and in to bed (how he does this we will never know :)

He loves to scamper down the hall to the kitchen while looking over his shoulder to make sure you didn't get lost or forget where you are supposed to be going.

He is kind spirited and has the biggest gentlest heart. He is the kitty that everyone wants to take home (Even the non kitty loving and the very allergic to kitties people) and is always a gentleman. Never any attitude or snobbishness. Just unconditional love and trust with a hint of feed me right now..... He does have a under 3 foot rule.. If your under 3 feet you must only pet me if you're supervised or I'm out of here (Thanks to my little sister's tail pulling days). He has the biggest beautiful warm green eye's. He purr's at just the slightest touch and drools with a good rub.

I could go on and on about Screamer and what he loves. When I think of him the first thing I think is " My Perfect Little Man".

From Cherakee