Posted by David Haarsager on Sat, Dec 21, 2013 @ 09:52 AM

9   I have spent the night(s) at these locations and have fully marked them. Our coast is secure!describe the imagedescribe the image6   I helped raise Chewy, who was waiting in heaven for me5   I was here!4   Hug point in Oregon, my best friend and I owned this rock3   Hello2   I have to stick my nose in whatever that is!1   Glowing young ruffian

"He was so beloved"
"Such an awesome dog"
"I'm sorry to say goodbye to that goofy hombry"
"Cirrus will be missed. he's had a great life from a loving owner"
"The passing of a wonderful creature .. he was such a pleasure to have with us" - From the band to the band mascot
To Cirrus: Friend of all living creatures, beach explorer, snuggler, band mascot, best friend.
Thank you for ten amazing years