Princess Otis

Posted by David Haarsager on Wed, May 14, 2014 @ 08:41 PM

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Otis the cat passed away on Thursday May 8, 2014. To some of us he was a legend (we guess his age to be somewhere around the 21-22 mark although we only knew him for 14 of those years), to some a family member and friend... for Will and I he was one of the great loves of our lives and a beautiful member of our family we will miss terribly. Although we are in the midst of some heartbreaking grief, we are so grateful that our friend Annie ntroduced us to Princess Otis all those years ago and we found ourselves a queer little chosen family. We are so grateful to have called this beautiful creature one of our dearest friends for so long and to have helped him on to the next dimension from the comfort of his own home, cozy with his humans, listening to his favorite music, snuggled together as a family. He was truly magical and even though I was spoiled by all the time I got to share with him I truly ache to triple that amount of time, but understand he had to Yoda on his way. He taught me so much about love, kindness and forgiveness. Otis made me a better person. Here's to all those creatures great and small and all the love we have had and will have. Here's to Otis, we will love you forever.