Posted by David Haarsager on Thu, May 10, 2012 @ 04:35 PM


Sun, 6th November, 2011

We adopted him when he was 5 yrs. old. He was a very cute sweet loving boy. He was a playful dog and like to meet other dogs. Spike always want to go for a ride and as soon as we open the car door he'll jumped right inside the car. He loves to eat that's why he looks like Garfield (tummy's always bulging). His favorite fruit was manggo?and will be begging us for more. He also loves ube?ice cream (it's a filipino?ice cream). He likes to play a big brother to his little sister chinky. He always makes it a point the she eats first before he does. He loves to play with his bed and sleeps like a human being (laying on his back)...at least he thinks he was. He likes to play in the snow too. He loves to be caress while he sticks his tongue out.
We already missed him so much especially that we treated him as our first son. It feels different now knowing that when we come home from work he won't be waiting by the window and will be so happy to greet us wiggling his sexy tail. He will be forever in our hearts and mind...and no dog can ever replace him.

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