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FullSizeRPoor Mini and Marco were traveling to Seattle when Mini passed. What a beautiful wonderful puppy.

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 Murphy was 11, born May 30, 2004, so he lived a good pampered life!  He will be missed by every heart he touched.




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Papa Spaghetti Lorraine

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1210130018 071Handsome Skettiunnamed[1]Sketti is loved and missed by all the hearts he has touched.


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Zed (2007? - 10/11/2014) Zedley, big guy (130 lbs.) buddy, buddy guy, happy buddy, tweety, tweety butt, sweetie, sweetie butt, snortie butt, “meander”thal, thumper, squirmy, noser, crusty eye guy, baby guy, old guy, baby doll, stinky, stinky butt, stinky head, happy puppy, silly puppy, silly butt, silly guy, knot head, stumpy, stumper, stumpy butt, Mr. Wiggles, Mr Lucky, loved to roll around in the lawn on his back wiggling and snorting.  He was also very content in just watching birds, squirrels and rabbits eat and play all around him for hours. Then there was his habit of “raisen grazin’” (ie eating those little so called “rabbit-raisens” deposited in the grass), that silly puppy……..I will so miss his big soft affectionate neck hugs and cute floor-laying-front-leg stretches.  We feel blessed to have shared two wonderful years with a big, gentle, sweet, loving, friendly, and very happy buuuuddyyyyyyy…


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Junior was a very happy and loving dog, who just made our lives better in the short time that we had him. He will be missed by Andy, Brandy and every heart he touch.


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She was more than just a dog with a bow in her hair after grooming.
She was your companion when the loneliness hit.
The one thing in the world who never caused you grief.
The one who was there with faithfulness noone else could give or who had ever given.
The love that mopped your tears when times were tough and they fell into her fur like rain.
The one warm little body who never left your side when all of your kids weren't home.
The one who stayed with you long into the night while you talked on the phone or studied.
The one who gave you purpose when you felt you had none.
The one who loved you so unconditionally in a time when your life was full of uncertainty.
She was more than just a dog, your sweet Honey. Hugs!

P2 (Peanut 2)

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P2 had a wonderful life with Dorothy. He is loved and missed by all he met. Sleep well.


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Soldier 5Soldier 4Soldier 3Soldier 2Soldier 1Soldier was such a loving dog and best friend.  He is loved and missed by every heart he touched.

Latte and Mocha

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MochaMocha 1Latte and MochaLatte and Mocha 1Latte 7Latte 6Latte 5Latte 4Latte 3Latte 2Latte 1

My dear, sweet Latte,

When you joined me at 8 weeks old, I felt in love with you immediately with those big brown round eyes with soft white coat.  Your tenderness, yet energetic, loving, sweet personality had brought so much joy and happiness in my life.  Your love of swinging on baby swings at parks always crack me up!  Thank you and thank Mocha for being my best friends over the past 16 years, we will meet again and play together with Mocha at the Rainbow Bridge in the future.  We all missed you very much.


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Ozzi 1Ozzi 2

Ozzi...03/06/2002 - 05/11/2014  -Undoubtedly the world's great est dog! An unbelievable and irreplaceable part of my life. He never cared where we were or what we were doing, so long as he was by my side and we were together. He never left my side through my mothers death. He remained there through his brothers death. He went to bed each and every night with me through one of, if not the toughest relationships I've ever endured. Providing me with hope and promise, giving me something to hold onto, reassuring me everything would be okay. He stayed with me long enough to make sure I'd be safe in my new place. 
Then in his own way he let me know it was time for him to leave and I was going to have to go it alone. Because he had done all he could! 
I truly believe my mother, having wisdom beyond her years knew I was going to need one good thing in my life to count on that would NEVER let me down and more importantly to love for an eternity... which I'm sure is why she purchased him from the Enumclaw pet store all those years ago. Perhaps keeping an unspoken promise to her, that he'd look after me and do all he could for me when she was no longer able to.  
Ozzi & Ozzborn will always be my baby boys, pride & joy!!!  
Daddy loves you boys and we will always be together! 

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